Cardiff’s Safe Places


Q. What is and how do we become a Safe Place?

FOR Cardiff is pleased to promote Safe Places and we will offer support and training. We do ask for a commitment to the scheme and recognise that your inclusion in the scheme demonstrates and fosters a greater community involvement opportunity for your business.

The idea is very simple: businesses and organisations sign up to be a Safe Place. After training key staff, they are issued with an optional Safe Places sticker which they can display in their window and their registration is recorded on our local scheme website and users app.

Q. Will companies signing up to Safe Places have to consider liability and insurance should someone seek refuge and a possible incident occurring on our premises?

No, your existing public liability insurance would cover this as it would for any visitor to your premises.

Q. Are we able to dictate the operating hours for providing support, i.e., if we said our offices can be used as a Safe Place safe between 8am and 6pm, would this be acceptable?

Yes, you can tell us about your operating hours on registration and these will be listed on your Safe Place entry.

Q. How will people find out that we are a Safe Place?

They can find all our member Safe Places by using our free smart phone apps. They are available to download on the App Store for IOS and on Google Play for Android. If appropriate for your business, you can display the optional Safe Places sticker.

Q. How will the project be maintained?

FOR Cardiff is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all who live work or visit Cardiff City Centre. In respect of the Safe Places, we have decided to extend the scheme throughout the County of Cardiff and day to day monitoring will be undertaken by FOR Cardiff Business Liaison Officers and staff from our safety arm, Cardiff Against Business Crime Business Crime Reduction Partnership. This is a key project for us, and it will remain under constant review and is included in our 5-year business plan.

Q. How will the scheme be monitored?

FOR Cardiff Staff are available during office hours Monday to Friday and we will undertake to complete a scheme review with each business on a six-monthly basis. We would also ask that you contact us at the earliest opportunity to let us know if you have provided a Safe Place to a member of the public.

Q. What will success look like?

We intend to record the number of times registered businesses are called upon as Safe Places and if appropriate and with permission, we may publicise effective practices and incidents where the scheme has contributed to the safety of the community. Also, that the perception and experience of people in Cardiff is a safer one.

Q. If we sign up and then decide that we no longer wish to take part what should we do?

Contact the schemes administrator who will remove you from the scheme.

Q. How many of my staff need to be trained to count as a Safe Place location?

It is the responsibility of the business or location to gauge how many staff is appropriate to be trained. However, for businesses with high staff turnover or shift patterns we’d recommend that the Safe Places training becomes part of the induction for customer facing staff so that there is always someone in the business who knows and understands the scheme.


Can you still join the Women’s Safety Charter if you’re not a FOR Cardiff Member?

Yes, the Women’s Safety Charter is open to any employer in the county.

How do I achieve charter status?

Following expressing an interest and becoming an ally – as outlined in the toolkit – you can achieve charter status by providing evidence that displays that your business has delivered the key objectives within 2 months of signing up.

Please get in touch with us to discuss the process.

I’d like a printed business pack – how do I get this?

Unfortunately, we won’t be offering printed versions.

How often will my businesses be checked to ensure I'm still in line with the charter commitments?

We’ll check the evidence you provide in order for you to achieve Charter status. Our Business Engagement team will then work with you regarding any queries you may have around the charter and your commitments.

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